M. Anne Naeth – Professor, Land Reclamation and Restoration Ecology, University of Alberta

Dr. M. Anne Naeth is a Professor of Land Reclamation and Restoration Ecology and Associate Dean (Research and Graduate Studies) in the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Alberta. She is Director of the Land Reclamation International Graduate School (LRIGS), Director of the Energy Systems Signature Area, Director of Future Energy Systems Research Program, and a Vargo Distinguished Teaching Chair. She has worked in government and industry and served on the Alberta Environmental Appeals Board for 14 years. Anne has served on the executives of numerous professional organizations, editorial boards and expert advisory boards. She holds a BSc in biology; a double MSc (soil science, plant science) and PhD in land reclamation. Her research focuses on land reclamation and restoration ecology and she has supervised over 75 graduate students. Anne has received numerous awards recognizing her outstanding scholarship, teaching and community service, including the CLRA Noranda Land Reclamation Award, Mentors of the Millenium (Alberta Women’s Science Network), Award of Excellence (University of Alberta Alumni Association), Killam Professorship and Distinguished Agrologist, 17 Faculty Teacher of the Year Awards and the prestigious 3M Fellowship (top 10 teachers in Canada) and University Cup.

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