Virtual Bioenergy Symposium: December 15, 2021

Join us for our next Virtual Bioenergy Symposium on December 15, 2021 from 12:00-1:00pm MST featuring Geoff Tauvette from FSM Management Group & Canadian Council for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (C-SAF).

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Geoff Tauvette
Vice President Operations and Sustainability, FSM Management Group
Executive Director, Canadian Council for Sustainable Aviation Fuels






“Where is the SAF in Canada?”

The aviation sector has adopted ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions from their operations. The transition and use of low carbon and sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) in Canada is of critical importance on the path to achieving these targets. It is an important challenge, and the aviation sector in Canada is leading from the front with the creation of the Canadian Council for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (C-SAF).

C-SAF will catalyze the SAF value chain/ecosystem to work together with government to facilitate the development and production of SAFs in Canada. Canada has all the right ingredients to produce SAF (sustainable feedstocks, refining expertise, industry net-zero targets) in important volumes. SAF is critical for the Canadian aviation sector to remain competitive in the future.

  1. What is SAF and why is it a starring role in decarbonizing aviation?
  2. Who is C-SAF and what role can it play to advance SAF in Canada?
  3. What are the barriers/and opportunities for SAF deployment in Canada?
  4. SAF Outlook

Geoff is a professional engineer with senior leadership experience in the aviation sector integrating fuel and de-icing procurement, infrastructure and logistics management with environment, climate change risk and compliance management and sustainability strategy design and implementation. Geoff has been instrumental in leading airline consortium companies to provide aviation fuel and de-icing infrastructure, investment, and handling services to airports in Canada including setting up Canada’s first closed loop glycol spraying, and recycling facilities built using low-carbon concrete at Calgary airport.

Geoff is a change-maker in implementing sustainable operations for aviation and in advancing the production and deployment of sustainable aviation fuels in Canada as Executive Director of the Canadian Council of Sustainable Aviation Fuels and working with government to design and implement smart programs and policies.

Geoff holds a bachelor and master’s degree in civil engineering with a speciality in environment from the Universities of Ottawa and McGill. Geoff is also a fellow of the Alberta Energy Futures Lab, a sustainability-driven, innovation-focused initiative with a vision to accelerating the transition to the energy system of Alberta’s future.

Link to presentation (via YouTube)