About Us


The biomass energy community in Alberta is a diverse collection of organizations including industry, government ministries, and academic initiatives.  Initiated in 2019, the Biomass Energy Network (BEN) was given a provincial mandate to bring connectivity to the provincial ecosystem.  These activities will build upon and reinforce strategic investments into the energy community provided through federal investments into Future Energy Systems, a national Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF), as well as Climate Change Innovation and Technology Framework (CCITF) funding from Alberta Innovates.  Through active engagement, the Network seeks to support collaborations and industrial growth through enhanced partnerships, workshops, and networking activities at regional, provincial and national scopes.

Vision Statement

To establish a vibrant and sustainable biofuels community.

Mission Statement

To engage, connect, reinforce, and leverage Alberta’s biomass-to-biofuels community, providing profile and linkage to national and international partners.


  • Host workshops and scientific exchanges for the biofuels research community in Alberta.
  • Engage biofuels entities and industry organizations to promote investment and collaborative partnerships.
  • Expedite collaboration, partnerships, and exchange between members and various international partners.


  • Enhance the rate of development and commercialization of disruptive technologies.
  • Reinforce an energy-focused low-carbon industry in Alberta.
  • Increase market uptake of biofuels and substantially reduce GHG emissions through displacement of petroleum-based fuels.


The Biomass Energy Network operates through funding and aligned support provided by Alberta Innovates and Future Energy Systems.