Virtual Bioenergy Symposium Presentations

“Improving bioethanol productivities through the development of a self-cycling fermentation approach”  by Dr. Jie Wang, U of A

“Solar-driven Coproduction of Hydrogen and Value-added Chemicals from Biomass Photoreforming”  by Dr. Heng Zhao, U of C

“Diverting Residual Biomass to Energy Use: Quantifying the Global Warming Potential (GWPbio)”  by Kunbi Adetona, U of C

“Price Considerations for a Second-Generation Biofuel Industry in Canada”  by Curtis McKnight, U of A

“Investigating the Influence of DMSO on Brønsted Acid-Catalyzed, Condensed Phase Biomass Reactions Using Molecular Dynamics and Well-tempered Metadynamics”  by José Carlos Velasco Calderón, U of A

“Coproduction of hydrogen and Value-Added Chemicals via Electrocatalytic biomass oxidation: Techno-Economic Investigations”  by Dr. Mohd Adnan Khan, U of C

“Bioconversion of methane to biodegradable plastic”  by Marina Lazic, U of A

“A cycling on-off power supply scheme for electrochemically enhanced anaerobic digestion”  by Basem Zakaria, U of A

“Under Construction: Refocussing Our Renewable Fuels Research and Innovation Priorities”  by Susan Carlisle, Alberta Innovates

“Bioconversion of specified risk materials for torrefied wood bio-binder application”  by Dr. Yeling Zhu, U of A

“Investigating primary decomposition pathways of cellulose during the pyrolysis process using first principles methods”  by Arul Mozhi Devan Padmanathan, U of A

“A Utilities Perspective on Renewable Natural Gas”  by Jeff Zimmer, ATCO

“Production of Renewable Natural Gas and Low Carbon Hydrogen from Forestry Biomass”  by Edson Ng, G4 Insights

“Producing Renewable Biofuels through Co-processing/Co-refining – Bioenergy/Biofuels R&D at CanmetENERGY Devon”  by Drs. Jinwen Chen and Anton Alvarez-Majmutov, CanmetENERGY Devon

“Economic Opportunities and Challenges in Biojet Production: A Literature Review and Analysis”  by Meghan Lim, U of A

“Waste to Resource: IRSI and the All West Bioindustrial Park”  by Chris Olson, Innovative Reduction Strategies Inc.

“How to Grow Alberta’s Low-Carbon Energy Future”  by Perry Toms, Steeper Energy

“Innovative Bio-Product Development Opportunities at InnoTech Alberta”  by Ataullah Khan Mohammed, InnoTech Alberta

“Bioenergy Initiatives of the Mexican Petroleum Institute”  by Dr. Jorge Aburto, Mexican Petroleum Institute

“Enerkem Carbon Recycling: Beyond Biofuels”  by David Lynch, Enerkem

“Bringing innovation to market : Biomass torrefaction technology”  by Sylvain Bertrand, Airex Energy

“The BDO Zone Initiative: Driving Bio-based Economic Development and Unlocking Project Finance in Alberta”  by Jordan Solomon, Ecostrat

“Cielo: A solution to the 3.4 Billion tons of waste per year garbage crisis”  by Raphael Bohlmann, Cielo

“Expander Low Carbon Intensity Fuel Program”  by Gord Crawford, Expander Energy

“Bioindustrial Innovation Canada, creating jobs and economic value sustainably for Canada”  by Sandy Marshall, Bioindustrial Innovation Canada

“The global industrial bioeconomy revolution: Will Canada get serious, or stand on the sidelines?”  by Jeff Passmore, Passmore Group & Scaling Up

“Atlantic Canada’s Bioeconomy Ecosystem”  by Meaghan Seagrave from BioNB and Rod Badcock from Nova Scotia Innovation Hub

“Advanced Biofuels – Indispensable to a Net-Zero Future”  by Ian Thomson, Advanced Biofuels Canada

“Assessing the cost of biomass and bioenergy using IMP Bio2Energy®”  by Dr. Elías Martínez, Mexican Petroleum Institute (IMP)

“Where is the SAF in Canada?”  by Geoff Tauvette, Canadian Council for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (C-SAF)

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